The ultimate Morocco bucket list

Tucked in the Maghreb region of north west Africa, the kingdom of Morocco is one of the most intense yet exhilarating countries to visit in the world. From the Sahara desert, to the ancient medina of Marrakech, Morocco is jammed packed full of unique and incredible sights, sounds, smells and cuisine; all of which are simply begging to be experience, in person.

In all honesty, you could spend a long time in Morocco and still want to see more, it had an amazingly diverse climate that allows for year round tourism. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of 7 must do experiences that every traveller should add to their must do list when visiting Morocco!

1. Take in Marrakech

The red city of Marrakech is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and famous destinations in Morocco. Terracotta walls organically form into narrow Souks where bazaars chaotically display their intoxicating spices, geometric rugs and artisan trinkets that are truly unique to this part of the world.

There simply isn’t a one single best way to describe what Marrakech is like; there is no city like it that is easily accessible and relatively safe. This is why it has been a favourite destination for travellers for centuries. Despite being chaotic, the city itself is like being in another world; the cuisine and the sheer entertainment of watching the city go by is enough to satisfy the senses for a long time.

2. Stay in a Riad

Staying in a Riad is a bucket list moment and a genuine Moroccan experience – one in which you won’t forget. This boutique accommodation choice is known for intricate patterns within the walls, sun-washed balconies and indoor pools that boast an exquisite display of the Moroccan culture.

In addition to being an incredible experience, staying in a Riad acts as your own personal oasis, which is perfect for escaping the bustling Moroccan streets. They are also smaller than most hotels and resorts, making an intimate environment to relax and enjoy your down time in.

3. Learn to haggle at a Souk

The Souks in Morocco are a highlight for any traveller. Souks are usually located in the Medina of any city or town and is composed of dozens – if not thousands of open-air bazars that boast anything from spices to hand carved Moroccan lanterns.

The souks are usually bustling with locals and tourists alike which can make for a riotous atmosphere. Unlike the Western world where items are sold truly to their advertised price, Moroccan stores can be less rigid with their prices and target tourists for our naivety and assumed wealth. Despite feeling overwhelming at first, haggling is a skill that you surprisingly get used to and becomes apart of daily living when visiting any souk in Morocco.

4. Sahara desert

Known for it’s gigantic sand dunes, vivid sunsets and roaming camels completed with their turban wearing masters, the Sahara desert is a must see location for a number of reasons!

The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the whole world which stretches over 9.2 million kilometres of North Africa. The desert boasts sand dunes that can stand a massive 180 metres tall, camping settlements and isolated civilisations where locals welcome tourist in with welcome arms in eagerness to spread their culture.

Whether it be taking one of the most luxurious yet unique ‘glamping’ trips of your life time, or four wheel driving at sunset to capture the most incredible vivid skies, there’s so much to do and see within the the most historic regions of the world.

5. Visit a mosque

Being an Islamic country, mosques are an integral part of Moroccan culture. Prayer times happen 5 times a day where beautiful singing can be heard from minarets near and far as the cities or village joins in which is magical to listen to.

It’s also just as incredible to visit a mosque to learn more about the culture and appreciate the breaking architecture and mosaics that they effortlessly boast. Just keep in mind that not all mosques are non-muslim friendly and inaccessible to go inside for those not part of the religion.

Mosques such as Marrakech’s famous Ben Yousef is no longer used to practice religion in, but is open to tourists to visit and explore.

6. Moroccan mint tea

We all love tea – and if you don’t, Moroccan tea may just change your mind. I have dubbed the delicious minty fresh, sweet and completely addictive hot liquid as the best tea I have ever tasted. I’m an avid tea lover so this is a bold statement and I mean it with every fibre of my body!

Serves in a quintessentially Moroccan teapot, distinguished by it’s silver body, Arabic patterns and tea cups which could easily be mistaken as a shot glass to the average Westerner, this drink is the perfect refresher you need to escape the heat of Morocco.

7. Watch sunset from the beach

Something that I didn’t know about Morocco until I arrived was how stunning the beaches are! The country plays host to international surfing competitions and being located on the West face line, also boasts some of the most incredible sunsets I’ve seen – and I’ve seen some amazing ones in my time.

Cities such as Casablanca and Agadir, in addition to sleepy, yet completely gorgeous villages that dot the coastline such as Essouria, provide spectacular beach fronts that boast crashing blue waves and stretches of golden sand.

I would like to note that Morocco is a conservative country and predominently Arabic and Berber in population, so be wise where and what you are wearing when you do take a dip. I personally found Agadir to be the most accepting and liberal as no one bat an eye lid at me swimming in a bikini.

I’m an Australian blogger based in Central West NSW who has spent the last few years exploring the four corners of the globe, living as an expat and falling in love with the world just a little bit more everyday. Here you can find my tips, guides and experiences to help inspire you for your next trip!




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