Moving back to the Australian bush

I sat on my verandah this afternoon taking refuge from the summer heat, I was captivated by the view of golden light and refreshed by the cooling breeze scented of bush blossom. I only now realise how lucky I am to originate from such a place.

The kangaroos inquisitively graze in the sun scorched landscape whilst my ‘chooks’ quietly chirp their way into the roost after a busy day of laying eggs and foraging in the vegetable garden.

Living on the other side of the world for the last two years was a great adventure but I now am happily back in the Australian bush. My home.

In the last three months alone, I have played hop scotch, jumping on five continents en route back home after moving to England in 2021. I loved all of it – the world is truly an incredible place; countless cultures, experiences and opportunities are there begging to be explored and all of which I jumped straight into and embraced. I truly have developed into a new person.

I’ve found the problem with travelling and living as an expat is that it is so easy to lose sense of home, family, familiarity and our culture. Essentially everything that made us who we were is gradually stripped away and we are left with this new and different version of ourself in which to get acquainted. For me that homesickness and epiphany that I needed more than just travelling is what lead me back to making my home to Australia.

The beautiful thing about returning home after travelling and moulding myself into a new more adaptive version of me is that I almost forgot what home was like. Alternatively, it’s given me the ability to see things through fresh eyes and a whole new appreciation for everything I took for granted prior to moving to away. The wildlife, scents, sunshine and friendly faces are making me realise how privileged I am to be Australian, something I will not take for granted again.

If you’re wondering if this blog will go on, the answer is a big fat YES. In true Makayla style – I have already booked a trip to Asia for this year. I’ve just chosen Australia as my home base instead of the UK. You can also expect to see my adventures and daily life right here in my home country.

But just for now I’m going to watch the sunset melt into the Earth and spray its vibrant colours over the paddocks, waiting for the wombats and possums to immerge from a nocturnal slumber.

This is living Barry!

I’m an Australian blogger based in Central West NSW who has spent the last few years exploring the four corners of the globe, living as an expat and falling in love with the world just a little bit more everyday. Here you can find my tips, guides and experiences to help inspire you for your next trip!


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