The complete guide to visiting Agadir, Morocco

Travel far enough south of Rabat on the Atlantic coastline of Morocco and you will find the bustling city of Agadir that is perennially bathed in sunshine. Surrounded by desert, mountains and neighbouring berber villages along with its own strip of golden sand, the city offers a multitude of adventures and scenery that are simply begging to be explored.

Most of Agadir was destroyed in 1960 due to an earthquake which was the worst natural disaster ever recorded in Morocco. Thankfully the city was rebuilt with contemporary additions such as the harbour and tourist district. The Medina of the city was also faithfully restored to its original glory and architecture making Agadir a melting pot of ancient and modern.

In addition to its incredible architecture, cuisine and beach, Agadir is ideally situated in the warmest area of Morocco, making it the perfect year round getaway.


Getting to Agadir

If you’re arriving from abroad, you’re most likely to enter Agadir from its own airport, Agadir- Al Massira which is 25kms outside of the city. Buses (line 98) run every 10-30 minutes and will take you into the North of the city. Alternatively you can book a private taxi which costs around 200-220 Dirhams.

What to see and do in Agadir

Medina of Agadir
After the earthquake, the Medina was redesigned by Italian architect Coco Polizzi and despite it being newly constructed, it is faithful to traditional Moroccan styles, colours and textures. Using mud brick, stone and wood, the Medina has been chiseled into a masterpiece flaunting its earthy hues, palm trees, intricate mosaics and gorgeous courtyard which makes for the perfect place to take in the relaxing atmosphere while perusing through artisan stalls or enjoying the street music in the summer evenings.

There is also a cafe/restaurant within the Medina that brews delicious pots of local mint tea which is the perfect refreshment needed after exploring every nook and cranny.

Agadir Marina and beach
The city is bounded by a golden coastline which melts into the crashing waves of the Atlantic. Whether you’re a surfer, local swimmer or a holiday goer looking to wade in the waters, this is undoubtedly one of the best beaches to head to in Morocco. Facing the west also means there are often spectacular sunsets where the golden rays settle upon the coastline as caravans of camels stroll down the shoreline.

A promenade runs north to south from the marina along a majority of the long stretch of city coastline which is packed with street entertainers in the afternoons along with an enviable assortment of restaurants and cafes offering cuisines from all over the Arab world and beyond.

The Kasbah of Agadir
This medieval fortress was built in 1540 by Sadiaan sultan Mohummed. Although the earthquake demolished most of the building, its magnificent ruins still sit atop of the city below. Providing panoramic views of the city while the Atlantic is flecked with gold from the Moroccan sun, this is the perfect place to take in sunset.

Mosque Mohammed V
This gorgeous Mosque can be entered through a keyhole door that is adorned with teal moroccan mosaic tiles that perfectly contrast its earthy tone. Lavished in details and decorative pieces, this building is every photographers dream. The mosque sits away from the tourist area and is situated next to cafes that the locals themselves dine at. I would highly recommend enjoying a hassle free, but also authentic and very affordable meal whilst taking in the wonderment of this beautiful building at dusk prayer time.

Souk el Had
This is one of the largest souks to be found anywhere in Morocco. As opposed to the souks of Marrakech that are designed for tourists’ souvenirs, this souk is used mainly by locals and adventurous tourists which allows for the most authentic experience possible. Here you can explore and try local spices, artisan goods, clothing and freshly baked goods.

Where to eat and drink in Agadir

The souk
The Souk offers hundreds of bazars, each offering their own unique and home made Moroccan delicacies. From French inspired pastries to Moroccan spice dishes, there are so many authentic dishes to try.

Where to stay in Agadir

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