The ultimate guide to the ancient Greek town of Lindos, Rhodes

Known for its pristine coastal waters, dramatic scenery and white washed architecture, Greece is one of the most incredible, diverse and moreish countries in the whole of Europe.

Over 6000 uniquely stunning islands rise out of the turquoise shallows of the Aegean sea; therefore there is an abundance of choice to pick for your next idyllic summer destination getaway.

Located south east of mainland Greece and only twelve miles from the Turkish coast is the stunning island of Rhodes. Known for its soaring rugged mountains, rich ancient history and picturesque seaside villages, Rhodes is an absolute must visit greek destination.

How to get to Lindos

If you’re visiting Rhodes, you’re most likely to arrive in Rhodes airport which is in the north of the Island and an hour transfer to Lindos. Booking a private driver or renting your own car is the fastest mode of transport but also the most expensive. Alternatively you can catch the bus direct to almost any village which costs around 8.50 euros per person.

The highlights: What to see and do in Lindos

Lindos Beach: The picturesque town of Lindos is lined by clear waters whose aqua waves crash onto soft sand and rugged cliff faces that embody the towns’ charm. From this location you can gaze upon the incredible site of the white washed labyrinth which make up the north side of Lindos along with the castle and Acropolis.

Visit the Acropolis: Standing on the highest point of Lindos, you benefit from a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and the white washed buildings that make up the scenic town of Lindos. Built in 300 BC the stunning Acropolis was dedicated to the goddess, Athena and was believed to have participated in the infamous Trojan war.

Explore the white washed streets: Lindos is composed of hundreds of narrow streets and alleyways that snake around stunningly preserved architecture and traditional market shops. The pathways are mottled with hues of pink from bougainvillea vines which make way for the locals and the ever so adorable donkeys. Here you can find shops aplenty of home made trinkets and traditional tavernas serving the best of greek and rhodian cuisine.
Note: I do want to note that I do not encourage the donkey rides as the donkeys are often over worked and are left in the sun when they reach the acropolis without food or water. Unfortunately I observed their legs quivering whilst walking down steep terrain, so although I adore the donkeys and it may seem a wonderful experience, it’s not something that I would view as ethical and I personally advocate against.

Saint Paul’s Bay: Found just south of the Lindos village centre, about a mere 5 minutes walk, the gorgeous St Paul’s Bay lies. Where sun drenched waters are dwarfed by ancient stone cliffs and both beaches are adorned with luxurious sun loungers, this is the perfect greek paradise experience. The bay is composed of two shores. The closest shore to the Lindos centre is clustered with loungers, music and a taverna. If you’re there for a quieter experience, I recommend heading to the southern point of the bay which sits below the Greek Orthodox chapel. Here offers peaceful water views along with a restaurant, bar and snorkelling services. I do recommend going early as there are only limited sun beds and shade.

Admire views from a rooftop bar: The streets of Lindos are filled with a plethora of roof top bars and tavernas. Here you can gaze over the towns scenic architecture and the pristine Aegean sea waters that surround the the destinations coast line.

Where to eat and drink in Lindos

Where to stay in Lindos

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