How to spend a day in the picturesque town of Knaresborough & where to stay

Knaresborough is found in the heart of the county of North Yorkshire and lies within the borough of the famous spa town, Harrogate. This charming and historic market town is one of the most beautiful destinations in the whole of the United Kingdom. The centre boasts medieval castle ruins that sit above sheer limestone cliffs that makes for scenic views of the river Nidd.

Fortunately for me, my husband was born and bred in this scenic pocket of the world so my first experience of England was that of charming towns and the Yorkshire countryside. It has given me the perfect excuse to continue visiting the scenic town regularly in order to indulge in the views, charming character and eclectic markets throughout the week that offer up the finest local produce.

Here’s how to spend a day in the picture book town of Knaresborough:

How to get to Knaresborough

How to spend your day in Knaresborough

Knaresborough castle: A short 3 minute walk east of the market square is where you can find the ruins of the medieval Knaresborough Castle. Boasting flowering gardens and sweeping views of the Viaduct and the river Nidd, this is a perfect place to lay down a picnic blanket and enjoy the views or tour the castle ruins that charges a modest 3.50 pounds per adult to enter and help support the upkeep of the historic site.
The castle was originally built in 1100 as a Norman fortress. Since then it has been occupied and visited by some of the most notable monarchy members such as King Henry I, King Edward I, King Edward II and Philippa of Hainault. In 1644 parliamentarian troops were ordered to dismantle royalist castles which resulted in the ruins that still stand today.

Stroll the riverside: As you make your way down the steep incline which follows the path of the original medieval steps, you edge closer to the timelessly scenic riverside where quaint cafes, restaurants and antique shops line the glistening waters edge. Charming cottages are layered up the steep incline and nestle into the cliffs above with their earthy hues with and flowering blooms in spring.

Where to stay

Knaresborough is the perfect day escape and won’t take any longer than a few days to explore the scenic town, however, if you’re visiting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city or visiting to take in the towns medieval charm, then not to worry, the town offers a plethora of accomodation options that allow you to fully immerse yourself into the towns culture.

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