The ultimate guide to Santorini

Santorini is one of the dreamiest islands that you can come across! Views of volcanos from lofty dramatic cliffs, white washed buildings completed with azure dome roofing and world famous sunsets where golden rays settle upon the Aegean Sea, Santorini is that awe-inspiring Greek destination that everyone has seen on a post card. Santorini is one of twenty four of the Cyclades islands that attracts millions of people all over the world with its picturesque landscapes and romantic ambiance. 

Santorini is personally one of my favourite destinations in the world! I fell in love with the island so much that I was married to my husband on the stunning cliffs of Oia at sunset which was one magical experience! 

Whether it be quad bike riding around the island in search of it’s striking landscapes and hidden gems, or laying back and soaking up the sun with celestial views with a glass of vino, Santorini is the heaven on earth that you have to visit! 

Hotspots of Santorini

Oia: Oia is the crowned jewel and tourist hub of Santorini. You can find this white washed village on the North West tip of the island where you can indulge in some of the most luxurious resorts on the island, find the best sunset view and stroll through the charmingly sloped streets. 

Kamari and Perissa: A coastal village located in the South-East of Santorini that is known for its black pebble beaches that are engulfed by steep cliffs and volcanic landscapes. Here you can find the ancient city of Thira and an array of beach side restaurants and bars. 

Thira and Imerovigli: Thira is the capital of Santorini and a buzzing village. Here you can find street markets, authentic Greek street food, black paved streets complimented by white buildings contrasted by vibrant blue doors and bougainvillea trees. 

Akrotiri:Found South- West of the Island, Akrotiri is full of natural beauty and history. Here you can find the ruins of Akrotiri pre-historic village, explore beaches and their coves or go diving. 

Therasia: The volcanic island located just East of mainland Santorini. Here you can explore the unique coves, clear waters and sleepy villages. 

Arriving In Santorini 

You will most likely arrive via the Santorini national airport located outside of Kamari. Here you can organise car hire or catch a taxi to your destination. Alternatively you can travel to Santorini via ferry from mainland Greece and other Greek islands. Some ferries are only accessible during tourist season however. 

When to visit Santorini

Like much of Greece, Sanotorini is best when visiting during tourist season. If you’re wanting to explore the island when tourists aren’t swarming the beautiful landscape by the thousands, then opt for September and October. You can access the island during off season months which are also cheaper, however many services are shut down/ not as flexible during this period.

Where to eat and drink in Santorini

There are an array of places to sit back and enjoy the Greek cuisine and a glass of vino amongst the island of Santorini. Whether it be Oia’s fine dining restaurants that sit upon dramatic cliff faces and overlook stunning, oceanic views, Thiras white washed streets and unassuming terrace bars or the Southern islands vineyards that produce local white wines made from vines unique to only Santorini, there is something to everyone to enjoy! 

Where to stay in Santorini

Santorini is filled with a plethora of accomodation! From luxurious soaring sunset views of your own private spa and balcony in designer villas in Oia to charming beachside terraces nestled within the traditional and picturesque streets of the South Island villages, there is something for everyone to love!

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I’m an Australian blogger based in Central West NSW who has spent the last few years exploring the four corners of the globe, living as an expat and falling in love with the world just a little bit more everyday. Here you can find my tips, guides and experiences to help inspire you for your next trip!

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