The Ultimate Guide To Deià, Mallorca

A nation known for sun soaked beaches and urban paradises, Spain attracts millions of tourists from around the world every year. Recently I made my first ever trip to the Southern European country and decided that I was in the mood for some island hopping.

I landed 124 miles east of mainland Spain to the Balearic Islands, to the fervently treasured island of Mallorca. Known for its iconic beaches, secluded coves, limestone mountains and picturesque villages, Mallorca is just as dreamy as it sounds.

Nestled within the scenic landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana, the picturesque village of UNESCO listed Deià was an absolute must visit spot on my trip. The ageless settlement plays host to a mere 1000 permanent residents making it the perfect destination to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Deia village is a stunning mosaic of terracotta and stone villas and resorts that layer the rugged hillside above one of the islands most beautiful cove beaches.

Deià is Mallorca’s de facto artisan hub, attracting poets, musicians and artists that find inspiration in the villages’ natural beauty and traditional culture, which also gives a glimpse of Spanish island life prior to the globalised world.

From Deià hotspots, best accomodation and favourite restaurants, here’s everything you need to know about exploring the charming village.

How to get to Deià

Deià is located 20 kilometres North of the Island capital, Palma. There’s two ways of traveling to the isolated village; by car or by bus. The bus journey takes roughly 1 hour from Palma’s central station and costs 4.50 euro each way. The mountain range that Deià is located within is popular for cycling and outdoor racing so make sure you check for road closures online prior to leaving (I learnt the hard way).

The highlights: What to do and see

Stroll Deia’s streets
Lined with traditional Spanish villas the boast earthy tones and pastel shutters along with citrus trees that are awash with vibrantly coloured fruits, the rustic streets of Deià gives a glimpse of the islands pre tourist past. There’s unique vistas located around every corner and crevice of the village, making for the perfect inspiration for photographers, artists and poets around the globe. Perhaps the most notable was the famous artist Robert Graves, whose residence can still be visited today.

Relax at Cala Deià beach
The stunning Cala Deià beach, is on of the most picturesque on the whole island. Engulfed by rugged cliff faces, washed with pristine waters and lined with walking tracks that are indented into the sheer cliff face, and is arguably one of the best beaches of Mallorca. The untouched cove is 30 minutes walk from Deia’s centre. Make sure you pack your hiking shoes, as it is a rocky one.

Hike to Sa Foradada
The mountain range surrounding Deià is known for being a hiking hotspot. If you’re looking for a scenic beginner trail with a nice reward, than this is the one to take! Located 6 kilometres North of Deia’s centre is the restaurant which is accessed by walking trails that hug the side of lofty cliff faces, over looking the Mediterranean Sea.

Sunset at the Mirador
Located between Cala Deià and Caló de s’Estaca, you can find the gorgeous 16th century Mirador. Perched upon the rugged cliffs that drop into the endless blue Mediterranean, here you can watch sky melt into a symphony of warm colours which makes for a perfect conclusion to the day.

Where to eat and drink

El Olivo: With flickering lights creating a magical ambiance that reflects the exquisite Mediterranean menu and breathtaking views that you can absorb from a classical balcony. If you’re looking for luxury then look no further. Make sure to book well in advance to guarantee a spot.

Ca’s Patró March: This scenic seafood restaurant overlooks the gorgeous beach cove, Cala Deia, making for moorish views and a calming spot to take it all in. With an extensive wine list and fresh produce sourced from Deià’s shores and mountains, it’s the perfect place to sit back and relax for breakfast or lunch.

Restaurante Xelini: This restaurant is perfectly located in the main street of Deià. Surrounded by rustic stone architecture and rocky cliff faces, here you can enjoy some traditional Spanish tapas over a glass of sangria.

Cafe sa Fonda: This chilled out restaurant provides delicious, yet affordable meals and an outdoor bar. With friendly service and great food, it makes the perfect place to stop by and enjoy the fun Spanish vibes.

Where to stay

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