A Day In Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay is tucked away on the coastline of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park and is now my absolute favourite English coastal getaway. The ancient fishing village is tightly built up of fisherman’s cottages that fall from the rolling green fields above on to the shores of Robin Hood’s Bay beach through the narrow cobble walkways.

This picture perfect village was originally settled by vikings and has been used as an import and smuggling settlement by merchants and pirates alike for over a millennia. As the name suggests, it is where the infamous Robin Hood supposedly won a battle against French pirates who came to pillage fisherman boats as the English Ballad suggests.

The village is accessible via Robin Hood’s Bay road on foot which begins at the top of the hill where you will find multiple car parks and a bus stop. At this height in the mornings there are wonderful views of mist settling over the surface of the North Sea and onto the sheer rugged cliffs that define the bay. In spring the wheat and rapeseed fields are abundant with splashes of colour from wildflowers and berry bushes that home coastal wildlife and make for the perfect spot to lay down a picnic blanket and indulge in the local seaside delicacy of fish and chips.

The road leads to a steep decent of twisting streets that begin to weave and disperse into tapering passage ways of green overgrowth where seasonal blooms creep through the crevices of preserved structures and terracotta pots. Fringed by quaint cottages and artisan boutiques, the road transforms into a stone bridge which shows off its timeless arch creating passage for a gentle stream of water beneath the row of holiday lets and dry stone walls. The abundance of intriguing passage ways lead to unique scenic views of shore line and fishing docks that have brimmed the village coast ad infinitum.

You could easily explore the village heart in a day. But make sure to take your time to really take in the local businesses that offer farm fresh ice cream and beautifully made trinkets.

The sandy beach is found by climbing the narrow stepped passage way opposite The Bay Hotel. The golden sand stretch lies beneath rugged green cliffs that are sculpted by the salt, wind and water. The bay means that the waves are calmer and clearer than a lot of other British coastal waters, making it the perfect place for a quiet day spent watching sand castles get made and waves lapping over the rock pools.

There is another lesser known beach just north of the village which is a hotspot for fishing. Adorned with bobbing fishing boats and piles of lobster cages, this part of the village also has walking tracks indented into the cliffs where you can enjoy the locally caught fish and chips whilst searching for fossils in the ancient sedimentary rocks.

Where to eat and drink

The cove cafe & chapel: Located in the heart of Robin Hood’s Bay, the coastal themed cafe gives views of both the village’s rustic streets and the North Sea from the private balcony. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a locally roasted coffee and hearty but healthy breakfast.

Fish box: The shabby beach hut styled cafe offers the best fish and chips in the village. It also has an outdoor decking area that looks over the coastal cliffs.

Bay hotel: The Bay hotel has been a local favourite for hundreds of years. The quintessential English pub is perfect for a pint cask ale or a glass of vino over lunch or dinner.

Tea, toast and post: Located only a stones throw from the Bay hotel, the rustic and quirky interior makes for the perfect atmosphere to enjoy breakfast and lunch. Make sure to try their scones with fresh cream and jam.

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  1. It’s lovely, I can’t wait to visit one day 🙂

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  2. Really lovely photographs, thanks for sharing some cheer✨

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