Top 6 things to do in Santorini

1. Visit the ruins of the real Atlantis

Greece holds some of Europes most ancient settlements, some being in Santorini! You can visit the Minoan bronze age settlement that was established over 3000 years ago, which has since been recovered at Akrotiri archeology site, found south of the island. In 1,600 BC one of the worlds biggest volcanic eruptions occurred resulting in the lowest points of Santorini to sink underneath the oceans waves. Due to this event, the settlement is assumed to be the lost city of Atlantis! 

2. Watch the sunset from Oia

The only thing more beautiful than Santorini, is Santorini at sunset! At this time of day the sunsets adjacent of the world famous village, Oia. As the sun begins to disappear behind the islands volcano, the last of its streaming rays highlight Oia’s pale buildings golden, transforming the landscape into a masterpiece. There is a reason the Santorini sunset is ranked number one in the world!

3. Explore Fira

Fira is the buzzing capital of Santorini, abundant of market stalls and vivid buildings. The town gives more or a rustic and authentic Grecian atmosphere compared to the rest of Santorini, but with the luxury of breathtaking views from its position upon the Caldera cliffs! Here you can find an abundance of terrace bars, entertainment and market stalls.

4. Go Wine Tasting

5. Hike to the top of a volcano

Santorini  Volcano is famous for one of the biggest eruptions in the world over 1000 years ago! Although now dormant, the volcano still remains active, last erupting a mere 70 years ago! You can visit the volcano by ferry and explore its craters and hot springs! 

6. Explore the island by quad bike

If you’re feeling adventurous and up for some fun, you have the opportunity to go quad bike riding, even choosing this as your transport for the duration that you’re in Santorini for! This exhilarating and freeing experience allows you to venture beyond the tourist hot spots, allowing you to discover all of Santorini’s hidden gems that it has to offer. Make sure to explore the dirt roads of South Santorini!

I’m an Australian blogger based in Central West NSW who has spent the last few years exploring the four corners of the globe, living as an expat and falling in love with the world just a little bit more everyday. Here you can find my tips, guides and experiences to help inspire you for your next trip!

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  1. […] Santorini is personally one of my favourite destinations in the world! I fell in love with the island so much that I was married to my husband on the stunning cliffs of Oia at sunset which was one magical experience!  […]


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