The Ultimate Guide To Berlin

Berlin is known for its bratwurst, hipster art scene, retro brutalist architecture and its world famous icons such as Brandenburg gate while remaining reputable for its inordinate history that still exudes its fascinating and eerie vibes of its dark past. 

Berlin is the capital city of Germany, found in the North East of Germany in the province of Brandenburg. Berlin has always been a city of importance including being the capital of The Kingdom of Prussia in the 18th century and a place of defeat by Napoleon. But perhaps the most influential piece of history for the cities vibe is WWII and the Cold War which ended only a mere thirty years ago. 

Neighbourhood breakdown

East Berlin: Although still heavily influenced by its socialist past through its brutalist architecture and uniform shades, East Berlin is now home of the alternate art scene, delicious food and vibrant nightlife. Here you can find the art museum, East side gallery and Holocaust memorial.

West Berlin: The West of Berlin is full of cobble stone streets and a combination of Gothic and romanesque architecture that has been faithful restored post war. Here you can find Schloss Charlotteburg and the Victory column 

The Mitte: The Mitte is the middle and oldest part of the city. Distinguished by its charming houses, historic buildings and picturesque canal, this is the centrepiece and main attraction of the city. Here you can find Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz, Reichstag and museum island. 

Arriving to Berlin

Berlin has two airports; Berlin Tegel (TXL) and Berlin Schoenefeld (SXF). TXL is located in a 14 minute drive Northwest of Berlin and is the primary international airport. The SXF is a 30 minute drive South East of the city. Both airports have access to both train and bus which arrives every 10 minutes. Otherwise You can arrive internationally via trains such as the inter-rail and inner-city express (ICE) from many European cities or via bus.

When to visit

The best time of year to visit Berlin would have to be in the Summer and Spring months. During this time of year you can leisurely stroll around the streets in warm and sunny weather. Although it isn’t necessarily “bad” to go in winter, you can expect freezing temperatures and snow which may affect exploring the city. 

Where to eat and drink

Berlins food and bar scene is a buzzing metropolis! Here you can expect bars to be filled with local German ales and beers on tap that are served by the pilsner and the food scene to be mixed with hearty traditional Germanic meals and modern fine dining masterpieces! Due to Berlins large alternate scene you can expect to almost always have a meat free option everywhere you go! 

Zure Haxe: If you’re looking for a restaurant where you can indulge in the Bavarian experience, this is the place for you. Offering the Ultimate German cuisine experience, the Zure Haxe is well known for its late proportions, traditional German dishes such as its favoured Pork knuckle, and  Barvarian atmosphere completed with matching waiter attire! 

Curry61: If you’re looking for the Currywurst experience, look no further. This street food stand attracts tourists and locals and is favourited by many. You can expect long lines but the wait is worth it. They also offer vegan options!

Hopfeinreich Bar: Its no secret that the Germans love their beer. Here you can indulge in the ultimate craft beer experience. The Hopfeinreich is well loved by the Germans (and beer loving tourists) for its lavish 22 choices of beers on tap that are forever changing. Here you can order beer by the litre. 

Berliner Fernsehturm: This one is a tourist favourite within Berlin. The restaurant is located on top of the 368 meter tv tower within Mitte. The 360 degree spherical view and delicious food offers the perfect environment to take in the iconic city. 

Facil: Looking to indulge in German luxurious fine dining? Look no further than the Facil. The 2 Michelin star restaurant prizes itself on its perfect presentations and bamboo garden ambiance. 

Where to stay

Berlin cities accomodation are perhaps amongst some of the coolest and unique in the world! Due to a large hipster scene, hotels are creatively inspired making staying in Berlin an adventure! Unlike other cities, Berlins accomodation options are completely contrasted with awe inspiring themes. 

Cube Lodge Columbia Berlin: This accomodation can be a bit squishy but provides an organic atmosphere that attracts foreign solo backpackers. It is affordable and communal and optimal to make connections to fellow travels on a budget.

Gemütlich & modern eingerichtet: The super host air bnb studio is perfect for a travellers searching for a homey touch on their travels. Furnished modern an equipped with a spacious kitchen and gives convenient access to the city centre. 

Hotel Bikini: Urban jungle themed Hotel bikini is like walking into an urban oasis, The jungle themed hotel is a perfect way to embrace Berlins creative and artistic vibes and mingle with other travellers in the spacious fauna filled bars and lounge.  

Michelberger hotel: Michaelberger hotel really takes on Berlins hipster aesthetic with its industrial styled interiors, edgy finishes and rustic chic bookshelves completed with thousands of books. The hotel offers plenty of communal space for travellers to collaborate in a creative space or engage in an interesting read. 

Hotel Adlon Kepsinski Berlin: If you’re searching for vintage elegance and European luxury, This is the place to stay. The five star hotel offers a grandeur day spa making it perfect to lay back and be pampered while recovering those jet lagged legs whilst taking in views of Brandenburg Gate.

I left my sunny home in Australia to explore the world and feed my insatiable desire for travel. Here you can find my experiences, tips and guides to help inspire you for your next trip!

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