5 Ways To Experience The Great Barrier Reef

The Great barrier reef is one of the original 7 wonders of the world and one of Earths most spectacular natural phenomenas. Running 2,800 kms from Papeu New Guinea to the Southern coast of Australia’s Queensland. The reef can be seen from space making it the largest living thing on planet Earth! 

Composed of an abundance of vibrantly coloured corals that home a thriving underwater world of rare and wonderful creatures that devise the worlds most complex ecological system, there is no surprise millions of people travel far and wide to visit the most iconic reef in the world. 

The first time I visited the reef, I was blown away with how beautiful, tranquil and fragile this place really was. Experiencing this magical perspective made me realise that no amount of videos or pictures could do any real justice to how breathtaking the Great Barrier Reef is. Here you can find five ways in which you can experience the Great Barrier Reef for all it is!

1. Scuba diving

Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef is every divers dream and the best way to view this iconic beauty for what it truly is! It’s easy to work out why once you immerse yourself into the breathtaking underwater world below! As you ascend into the depths of the clear and turquoise waters you will see the brown masses of coral transform into lively cliffs of vivid hues. You can also expect to meet some unusual but stunning creatures that will welcome you with their friendly presence and colourful scales that come in every shade of the rainbow. From purple giant clams that fizzle bubbles from the ocean floor to Wally the famous blue Maori Wrasse who greets you with anticipation, its an experience that you cannot miss!  

2. Snorkelling

If scuba diving sounds too unsettling or you’re wanting to take things more leisurely, than snorkelling can be just as exciting! With coral cliffs being tall and water shallow and clear in some areas of the reef you can still get a spectacular glimpse of stunning underwater world that lies beneath the waves. 

The best snorkelling places are on the shores of Green and Fitzroy island. Here you can expect to find gorgeous swarms of fish and even stunning Green sea turtles that line the coast.

3. Helicopter
4. Underwater hotel
5. Glass bottom boat

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