Staying at the Riad Star, Marrakech

A stay at Riad Star should be on any travellers’ bucket list and this somewhere I am fortunate enough to say I’ve personally ticked off. The incredibly unique experience of staying in the Art Deco cum Moroccan style residence of former jazz superstar, Josephine Baker continues to attract the rich and famous such as Gordon Ramsay. After staying in this famous accomodation. It’s obvious why this anonymous ‘tardis’ of a riad in the heart of the medina is a favourite among those looking for an understated yet unforgettable luxury experience.

Checking in


As guests arrive they are sat and served with fresh Moroccan tea in the lounge adjacent to the culinary school that Gordon Ramsay himself has cooked in. The tea is available any time upon request and made fresh served with local pastries. The wonderful staff then provide all guests with a tour of the riad and escort guests to their suite – in our case the ‘Josephine’ room. Each suite is unique and truly magic.

Rooms and suites in the Riad Star

The Josephine suite is the room that the famed jazz singer once called her own during exile from France in the Second World War. She once sat at the window and listened to her jazz records atop the locals going about their lives in the quiet street below. Riad Star has also tied in Josephines’ past with a number of tastefully selected artefacts around the room such as her vintage type writer sat at the window, concert posters and activist books which detail her secondary life.

The room is decorated top to bottom in a fusion moroccan style with cozy contemporary touches, which make for a truly luxurious boudoir. The lanterns that spray golden prisms of light around the room compliment the moody bathroom equipped with a double spa tub, this intimate room is perfect a romantic getaway.

The Riad plays host to just 13 guest rooms, meaning it is always quiet and peaceful throughout the whole day. Every room has been individually styled with a unique atmosphere, each affording guests a unique experience.

Around the Riad Star

As previously mentioned, the indoor plunge pool is quite the novelty and can be seen from below whilst walking along the main mezzanine. In addition to the pool itself, there are intimate seated areas poolside as well as secret nooks around the courtyard, which is the perfect place to cool down and enjoy a tea or melted chocolate crepe in the afternoons. A dimly lit room is joined which is a Moroccan wonderland – exhibiting traditional Moroccan attire for the Riads guest to enjoy dressing into to truly immerse yourself into the culture and snap some photographs.

The dining room glows from the open sky above which highlights the intricate geometric white patterns on the walls that wrap around the room. Breakfast is complimentary and prepared fresh for each individual party staying. It consists of a plentiful choice of jams, butters, breads, cheeses and cooked eggs. Words don’t really do justice to how good the offering of food is and is a must not miss even for those who normally skip brekky.

If the inside the Riad itself isn’t already impressing enough, the rooftop will certainly top it off. Boasting multi-layered levels of dining and entertainment areas and decorated in a green jungle of plants, it’s the perfect place to relax and watch the sun sink behind the Atlas Mountains. It is also the place to eat the mouth watering Moroccan cuisine that Riad Star serves to perfection. This is without doubt the best home cooked meal I’ve ever had.

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